Harley wax treatments

HARLEY Hot Wax is the only choice when it comes to waxing, it’s gentle, pretty much pain free and leaves nothing but perfectly silky smooth skin!

Like our Spa name suggests we are most reputable for our WAXING techniques. If you want the best wax in Poole and Bournemouth, you’ve come to the right place! When getting a wax you want to know that you are in the best hands possible as it’s a close and intimate treatment. All of our Therapists are highly trained and waxing is our speciality and passion, it’s what we love! So, waxing virgins you have come to the right place.

The HARLEY Hot and Strip wax we use it the best wax on the market and contains the finest resins, natural ingredients & aromatherapy oils to deliver superior performance, removing hairs as short as 5mm. With its low temperature it provides a much more comfortable treatment especially for sensitive skin and delicate areas. Be aware we only use STRIP wax on the legs and forearms.

We use HARLEY Hot Wax for the more delicate areas like the bikini area, face and under arms. The wax literally shrink wraps around the hair and does not stick to the skin. When the wax is removed it pulls from the very root of the hair follicle, removing the dermal-papilla. This will prevent hair breakage, in-grown hairs, bruises and redness and the painful sting associated with other types of wax. REMEMBER with a good waxer you will NEVER go really red or be bruised!!

Full Legs


Half Legs







(everything off but a strip at the front)



(everything off)


Fore Arms


Male Back Wax


Male chest wax


Full Face

(ebw, lip, chin & sides)


Lip or chin


Lip & chin




Nose or ears


Eyebrow wax



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