White Lilac Facials

Our very own organic skincare range based on super skin food ingredients.

White Lilac Handmade Body Care

White Lilac Handmade Body Care is our very own organic skincare range based on super skin food ingredients like Rosehip Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Argan oil, Epsom Salt, Avocado Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, rejuvenating Essential Oils and Raw, Organic Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter. All of which will beautifully nourish, repair and regenerate the skin, creating a youthful and natural radiance. All products are handmade and not tested on animals. The most suitable skin care products used for the facials are chosen specifically to suit your skin type. www.whitelilacbodycare.co.uk

White Lilac Mini Facial

Packed with powerful organic ingredients to soften, moisturise and nourish your skin. The perfect products are chosen from our White Lilac Skin Care Collection, best suitable for you skins’ needs. This beautiful facial includes a cleanse, hydrating tone, exfoliation and a rejuvenating facial massage.

25 minutes   £35.00
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White Lilac Organic Facial

This beautifully relaxing facial involves a double cleanse, exfoliate, facial massage and hydrating mask. After which a facial moisturiser is then selected to suit your skin type. All performed in a truly relaxing and tranquil room. Whilst the mask is on you will also receive a hand,arm and scalp massage. All guaranteed to leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated.

55 minutes   £49.00
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Results from Microdermabrasion are immediately visible after just one treatment, however for more problematic skin it is recommended to have a course of treatments for maximum effect. We recommend a course of 6-8 treatments, one every week.