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Lash Lift is a great alternative treatment to Eyelash Extensions and is much more gentle on the lashes.

Lash Lift

Ideal if you have straighter lashes and would like a lift for ‘a wide awake’ look and the appearance of increased lash curl, thickness and length.

The LASH LIFT treatment takes approximately 60 minutes and lasts around 4-6 weeks. Unlike the traditional lash perm the Lash Lift system uses a silicone pad (rather than perm rods) and each lash is lifted from the root individually adding an appearance of volume to your eyelashes. Also includes an Eye Lash Tint and a beautiful hand and arm massage.

No Glue, No Maintenance, No Mascara needed.

A patch test to be done 24 hours before

60 minutes   £45.00
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Eye brow tint

A patch test to be done 24 hours before

10 minutes   £9.00
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Eye lash tint

Includes a beautiful hand and arm massage.
A patch test to be done 24 hours before

15 minutes   £15.00
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brows by mii

BROW by Mii Treatment

Each personalised Brow by Mii treatment will begin with a consultation from one of our highly trained therapists. During this time your brow stylist will use their knowledge, combined with your face shape, natural brow and the look you hope to achieve, to create a brow that is tailored perfectly to you.

After your consultation, a combination of tinting, waxing and finishing techniques will be used to sculpt your look.

The Brow by Mii system uses one of the strongest tints on the market with a versatile range of colours giving you a long lasting effect and is applied with our specialist tint applicators for extra precise application. Then the shaping begins with our gentle HARLEY HOT wax which has been developed specifically for precision brow work, and is perfect for sensitive skin around the eyes.

The brows are usually trimmed if needed and then the finishing techniques are applied using the appropriate Brows By Mii pencils.

During the finishing process a Mineral Irrestible Face Base (£21.50) is applied to cover any slight redness, and the Conceal and Contour Duo (£12.50) perfectly highlights the brow bone.

Make up by Mii is available to purchase in salon.
BROW by Mii Treatment 
30 minutes  £30.00
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